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Assisted Living Real Estate

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The sale, lease or purchase of Assisted Living facilities requires a real estate agent who is skilled in this niche industry. Assisted living facilities have larger number of beds, and sometimes individual complexes, oftentimes, owned by a corporate entity. Because of the legal technicalities at stake in these types of transactions, it is best to seek the services of a real estate professional immersed in the RCFE industry.

Mr. Hustad is also highly specialized in Assisted Living real estate licensing processes for commercial and residential care type properties in the greater Southern California Region. Mr. Hustad, with his unique financial background in investment banking and the mortgage industries, understands the financial implications involved in large-scale operations, that may involve mergers and acquisitions of properties. The depth of knowledge required in this industry is critical to the successful implementation of a smooth-sailing real estate transaction. Mr. Hustad can offer unparalleled expertise, negotiation skills, and background experience that will leverage the best possible outcome in a purchase, sale or lease of an assisted living facility.

This background provides significant value to the clients whom he works with. Having someone with a strong business background, excellent communication and business negotiation skills is what sets Matthew apart in the highly competitive real estate market here in Southern California.

Specializing in:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Physician and Psychiatric Groups
  • Medical Office Purchasing or Leasing
  • Skilled Nursing, Acute, and Urgent Care Commercial Real Estate
  • Assisted Living Listings and Sales
  • Residential Care for Elderly (RCFE) Listings and Sales
  • Adult Residential Care (ARF) Listings and Sales
  • Residential Detox Listings and Sales
  • Compliance and Regulatory Consulting
  • Fire Clearance Construction Consulting
  • Strategic Planning: Mergers and Acquisitions (AL, SNF, RCFE, ARF, Detox)
  • Financial and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Best-in-class marketing
  • Confidential Business and Real Estate Listings