Breaking News: SBA Eliminates and Reduces Guarantee Fees on Loans from October 1, 2023!

Posted on: October 2, 2023

Breaking News: SBA Eliminates and Reduces Guarantee Fees on Loans from October 1, 2023!

Exciting news is on the horizon for small business owners and entrepreneurs across the United States! Starting from October 1, 2023, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is revolutionizing the lending landscape by dropping their SBA guarantee fees on loans. This significant development means that accessing crucial funding for your business endeavors just got more affordable and attainable.

What Does This Mean for Small Businesses?

The elimination of SBA guarantee fees translates into reduced costs for borrowers. Whether you're a startup looking to turn your innovative idea into reality or an established business aiming to expand, this change is a game-changer. Affordability in lending empowers you to invest in your business without the burden of high borrowing costs, paving the way for growth, innovation, and job creation.

How Does This Impact You?

  1. Cost-Efficient Funding: Your dreams of starting or expanding your business are now more achievable than ever. With reduced loan costs, you can access the capital you need without compromising your financial stability.

  2. Business Expansion: Established businesses can leverage this opportunity to finance expansion projects, hire skilled professionals, or upgrade their technologies. This boost can lead to increased competitiveness and market presence.

  3. Encouraging Entrepreneurship: Lower financial barriers encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to take the plunge into the business world. Your groundbreaking ideas can now be transformed into thriving ventures, fueling innovation and economic progress.

Your Next Steps: Seize the Opportunity!

Now that the doors to affordable business funding are wide open, it's time to take action. If you're considering acquiring healthcare properties or businesses, The Hustad Group, Business Broker, is your trusted partner in this journey.

Why Choose The Hustad Group?

The Hustad Group specializes in healthcare properties and businesses. With our extensive experience and dedication to your success, we can guide you through the process seamlessly. Here's why you should consider partnering with us:

  1. Expertise: We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the healthcare sector. Our expertise ensures that you make informed decisions throughout your acquisition journey.

  2. Network: We have an extensive network in the industry, connecting you with the right opportunities and potential sellers tailored to your requirements.

  3. Personalized Service: Your goals are our priority. We offer personalized service, ensuring that your acquisition aligns perfectly with your vision and business objectives.

  4. Negotiation Skills: We excel in negotiations, ensuring you get the best deal possible. Our team works tirelessly to secure favorable terms and conditions for your acquisition.

Take the First Step!

Don't miss out on this unprecedented opportunity to grow your business without the financial strain. Reach out to The Hustad Group today and let's discuss how you can make the most of this exciting time in the world of business lending. The Hustad Group has exclusive relationships with only the top notch SBA lenders to facilitate funding on RCFE properties and businesses for sale for buyers. "We have weighed in on multiple SBA lenders and their performance over the past 16 years and know exactly who performs and who doesn't," says Matthew Hustad, founder and CEO of The Hustad Group. "Many SBA Bank Officers and Loan Officers will claim their bank can lend on Assisted Living and Residential Care properties and businesses for sale, but few actually have the underwriting competence that s required in today's culture of brokering, buying and selling existing state licensed properties and businesses in the healthcare sector," stated Matthew.

When working exclusively with The Hustad Group, we provide best-in-class vendors and service providers to avoid typical buyer and seller pitfalls.

Contact The Hustad Group:

Website: The Hustad Group Phone: 949-280-9150 

The future of your business starts now. Seize it with The Hustad Group by your side!

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