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Unlocking Success in Healthcare Facility Real Estate and Business Brokering: Meet Matthew Hustad

Posted on: August 25, 2023

In the dynamic world of healthcare facility real estate and business brokering, one name stands out as an industry luminary: Matthew Hustad. With a wealth of experience and expertise spanning Assisted Living, Residential Care, Congregate Living, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Adult healthcare centers, and all Commercial Healthcare Facilities requiring State License and Fire Clearance, Matthew is a true trailblazer.

A Visionary Expertise

Matthew Hustad isn't just a real estate expert and business broker; he's a visionary leader in a specialized niche. His journey into this industry began with a passion for creating meaningful impact within the realm of healthcare facilities. Over the years, Matthew has not only established himself as an authority in healthcare facility real estate but he's also been a guiding force for business owners and operators seeking to unlock the full potential of their assets.

Monetizing Assets at Maximum Value

Matthew's approach goes beyond traditional real estate transactions. He's committed to delivering exceptional value to his clients by providing strategic advice on exit and sale strategies. His unique ability to consult owners and operators on how to maximize the value of their business and real estate assets has set him apart in the industry.

Consultation for Excellence

One testament to Matthew's influence is his role as an industry speaker at a prestigious Orange County event. This event saw the participation of multiple fire inspectors and fire marshals from various agencies across Southern California. Their presence underscored Matthew's authority in ensuring the safety and compliance of healthcare facilities. His insights were sought after to better equip fire inspectors with the knowledge needed to enhance their preparedness and approach.

Shaping the Future

Matthew's reach extends to advising and consulting new operators on crucial real estate modifications necessary to obtain state licenses for their facilities. His guidance not only ensures regulatory compliance but also empowers operators to provide the highest standard of care within a secure environment.

A Collaborative Approach

A picture speaks a thousand words, and in the featured image, you'll find Matthew alongside fire inspectors from different Southern California agencies. This snapshot embodies the collaborative spirit that defines Matthew's approach. His interactions with fire inspectors reflect his commitment to safety, compliance, and continuous improvement.

Connect with Matthew Hustad

Whether you're a seasoned industry professional or a newcomer seeking to navigate the complexities of healthcare facility real estate and business brokering, Matthew Hustad is a name you can trust. His expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence make him a remarkable partner on your journey to success.
Reach out to Matthew today to tap into his unparalleled insights, innovative strategies, and comprehensive guidance. Transform your vision into reality with the guidance of a true leader in healthcare facility real estate and business brokering.

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The Hustad Group provides turn-key consulting for real estate purchases, listings, construction advisory services, fire clearance, and licensing requirements related to Residential and Commercial Assisted Living and Residential Care property types.

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